The Modern Hamsa Incense Holder

The Modern Hamsa Incense Holder


Do you love the smell of incense wafting throughout your house? If yes, then you would know how useful the nooks and crannies of window sills, cupboards and even wall cracks are. Any weird crack can become a potential holder for you next incense. But you have an incense holder somewhere. You wonder where you put it. That tiny, unsightly, doesn't fit all incense holder. I know.

Been there. Done that. No more though.

Hence this holder. Make a beautiful piece of decor double up as your incense holder. Make your house look and smell beautiful. Now that's a great deal no?


    Material : Terracotta Clay

    Finish : Terracotta textured granite feel, with protective matte finish

    Care :  Wipe with a dry cloth. Occasionally wipe dirt away with a wet wipe followed by a dry tissue. Keep away from water to last longer (forever actually)

    Since it is a labour of entirely handmade love, the product may have some kind of slight irregularities which is a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. 


    We do not entertain return/refund requests in general. Request you to place the correct order to avoid confusion. In case of an exception, please write to and we will help!


    Please allow 10-15 days for the shipment to arrive at your doorstep after placing your order.

    Order is made/packaged in an extremely clean and sanitized studio! So please be assured of safety!