Moody Moon Wall Hanging

Moody Moon Wall Hanging


Love the moon? Wish you could have the moon for yourself? Or are you a lover who promised your partner the moon? Whichever criteria you fit, this is exactly the thing for any moon lover. And why just have one moon, you get all the phases of the moon. Now isn't that something? 

It's also a contant reminder that you will be full again. Eerything is just a phase.


Each piece has been assembeled by hand, with wooden beads and woven cord. The full moon is painted a dull gold...coz full  moon- illumination and yea, because gold looks too good with the terracotta. 


    Material : Terracotta Clay + Woven Cord + Wooden Beads

    Finish : Terracotta + gold , with protective matte finish

    Care :  Wipe with a dry cloth. Occasionally wipe dirt away with a wet wipe followed by a dry tissue. Keep away from water to last longer (forever actually)

    Since it is a labour of entirely handmade love, the product may have some kind of slight irregularities which is a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.